The recent changes to Buy to Let has made it less lucrative for many people. But, as part of a wider financial plan, it can be a useful way of providing an income in retirement, or diversification away from other types of investment.

Our knowledge of the Buy to Let market, and the fact we provide independent mortgage advice, make us ideally placed to advise Buy to Let investors the length and breadth of the country.

That’s exactly what we do, we advise, on the right mortgage for your purchase. We’ll also happily tell you whether the property actually makes sense as an investment in the first place.

You can rely on us for a straight answer.

We also help existing Buy to Let investors who want to:

  • Add another property to their portfolio and therefore need a suitable mortgage
  • Remortgage an individual property, or an entire portfolio, to a more competitive arrangement, or consider a fixed rate, which will protect them from possible future rate rises
  • Raise capital against an existing Buy to Let property or portfolio

The recent changes to mortgage lending make Buy to Let mortgages a increasingly specialist area. It requires intimate knowledge; you can trust us to act as your partner, making sure you get the right arrangement for you.

No fuss, no hassle, just Simple, Smart Advice.

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    Our mortgage calculator provides a helpful tool for estimating monthly payments, but it’s important to note that these calculations are based on current market conditions and general information. The interest rates used in the calculations are subject to change due to fluctuations in the market. Additionally, individual factors such as credit score, financial history, and other personal details can influence the final interest rate offered by lenders. Therefore, while the calculator offers a useful starting point, it’s always recommended to Get in touch and speak to one of our advisers for the most accurate and personalised information tailored to your specific situation.